If you insist on visual quality and sound quality Super HiVi CAST

BD Check Disc“Super HiVi CAST”has been launched to bring out all the functions of Hi-Vision system.

The DVD case is black in color and has been recently employed with a shinning BD logo.

The image for the label side is the same as the one on the jacket.

Responding to the voice “I want HiVi CAST for Hi-Vision system”.

The sky in Cuba is deep blue in color, however the weather is unpleasantly humid and the wind from the sea is moist. This moistness interferes with the operation of the Hi-Vision VR cooled in the hotel. The location hunting was performed at the beginning of July.

Shooting session in Hollywood: We listened to the engineer who took charge of video equipment maintenance in the production company called “Digital Jungle”. Their management was very strict, but reasonable.

New Ideas have been introduced in the Image Equalizing function. Test signals have been greatly improved.

For the camera, the Sony HDW-950 (Cine Alta), fixed with the Carl Zeiss focal lens creates an appearance so high in quality that it is just like a picture. In the shooting of still photos, the depth of field was very shallow because the distance to the subject is very close.

In the studio shooting, the Carl Zeiss fixed focal lens was used in order to avoid the lens distortion or chromatic aberration as much as possible. We would like you to pay attention to the outline of the recorded images, where you can see that the color blur has been minimized.

For the shooting of female models or various material objects, large studios in Japan were used. The recording was performed checking the images using the plasma, liquid crystal screen full hi-vision type TV and D-ILA system front projector.

The mastering operation for 7.1ch setting was performed in the studio complying with the THX pm3 standards. Here, this studio was used for the creation of remarkable game software and film production. At the entrance to the studio a signboard was put up welcoming visitors.

The new image for quality evaluation has been created. It was the theme from the early stage of the Super HiVi CAST production. We spent a considerable time on auditioning female models for the promotion to usher in a new phase.

In the shooting session, we constructed the rails and took on the challenge of tracking shooting in the studio. We moved horizontally to shoot a female model three-dimensionally. For the lighting, we used deep shade.

Location Hunting and Shooting Sessions in Cuba in South America and Recorded Performances of Local Musicians with Multi-Recording System

This picture is also in the “Sense of Quality” series, showing a classic camera and deep red rose. Please pay special attention to a light that is on the lens, which shows the lighting, out focusing and velvet petals. On the state-of-the-art liquid crystal TV screen, tight images with black outlines can be obtained.

“Sense of Quality” is an important key word this time. As it is difficult for a new item to obtain the sense of quality, many vintage guitars were prepared. In this cut, the camera was panned quickly to confirm the out-focused color gradation due to the movement.
「Super HiVi CAST」(Stereo Sound HVCA-002) \13,000, Color, Main Section About 87 minutes: First Layer MPE04-AVC, 1920 x 1080, 16.9 Full HD. Dolby Digital 2.0ch., DTS 2.0CH (Description Section), Linear PCM 7.1ch., Dolby TRUE HD 5.1ch./7.1ch., DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1ch (“Demonstrations” Content Section), Voice: Japanese, Subtitle: English/Chinese/Korean, Released in Japan in 2009.